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Creative Ways to Incorporate Jingle Bells into Your Christmas Decor

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Although jingle bells are a traditional Christmas decoration, there are lots of inventive and unusual ways to use them. Here are some ideas for incorporating jingle bells into your Christmas decor:


Wreaths and Garlands


Christmas décor must include wreaths and garlands, and jingle bells are a wonderful way to add some holiday cheer. To make a basic wreath or garland, just hang jingle bells onto a wire frame. Alternatively, you can get crafty and add other components like pine boughs, ribbon, and ornaments.


Here are a few ideas for jingle bell wreaths and garlands:


a. Vine wreath: Jingle bells should be wrapped around a vine wreath, switching up the sizes and finishes. Additional components like berries, ribbon, and pine boughs can be added.


b. Fir branch garland: Jingle bells can be strung into a wire frame, and fir branches can be added to finish it off. Additional components like ribbon, ornaments, and pine cones can also be added.


c. Jingle bell and ribbon garland: Alternately, wrap ribbon and jingle bells over a wire frame. You can make a colourful and visually appealing garland by combining different coloured ribbon.


d. Jingle bell and ornament garland: Attach decorations and jingle bells to a wire frame. Ornaments of many kinds, including balls, bells, and snowflakes, can be used.




Beautiful and joyous centrepieces can also be made with jingle bells. Here are some suggestions:


a. Jingle bell vase: Jingle bells work well in a vase; place a few candles or flowers on top.


b. Jingle bell wreath centerpiece: Arrange a tray or dish with a jingle bell wreath in the centre, then surround it with ornaments, candles, and other holiday décor.


c. Jingle bell lantern centerpiece: After positioning a lantern in the middle of your table, encircle it with candles, jingle bells, and other festive accents.


Napkin Rings


Another creative and joyous way to use jingle bells is to make serviette rings. Just tie a few jingle bells around a serviette by stringing them onto a ribbon or wire. Additional components like beads, charms, and foliage can also be added.


Gift Toppers


An excellent approach to give your wrapped gifts a festive feel is to include jingle bells. All you have to do is wrap your gift with a few jingle bells that have been tied to a ribbon or wire. Additional components like bows, ornaments, and plants can be added.


Other Creative Ways to Use Jingle Bells


Here are a few other creative ways to use jingle bells in your Christmas decor:


a. Jingle bell trees: Jingle bells can be strung onto wire frames to create jingle bell trees. Trees of all shapes and sizes can be created, and they can be embellished with beads, ribbon, and ornaments.


b. Jingle bell stockings: Put jingle bells on your stockings to decorate them. They can be fastened to the stocking using glue, embroidery, or even stringing them together and tying them around the top.


c. Jingle bell ornaments: You can string jingle bells onto wire frames or attach them with glue to other materials like foam, wood, or felt to create your own jingle bell ornaments.


d. Jingle bell chimes: Jingle bells can be strung onto a wire frame or rope to create jingle bell chimes. They can be suspended from a window, entryway, or tree.


No matter how you choose to use them, jingle bells are a great way to add a festive and joyful touch to your Christmas decor.


Here are some additional tips for incorporating jingle bells into your Christmas decor:


a. Employ a range of finishes and sizes. This will give your decorations more dimension and visual appeal.


b. Jingle bells can be combined with other holiday decorations. like candles, ribbon, ornaments, and boughs of pine.


c. Don't be afraid to get creative. There are no rules when it comes to using jingle bells in your Christmas decor.


d. So have fun and experiment until you find ways to incorporate jingle bells into your Christmas decor that you love.

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Creative Ways to Incorporate Jingle Bells into Your Christmas Decor