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Diwali Rangoli Designs

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What better way to celebrate Diwali, the festival of lights and festivities, than with exquisite rangoli designs? Intricate patterns are made on the ground using coloured sand, powder, or flowers in the traditional Indian art form of rangoli. It is a well-liked method of decorating houses and commercial spaces during Diwali, and it is an enjoyable and imaginative pastime for individuals of all ages.


Rangoli designs come in a wide variety, ranging from straightforward geometric patterns to intricate artwork. Some of the most popular Diwali rangoli designs include:


a. Floral designs: Flowers are a symbol of new beginnings and prosperity, and they are often used in Diwali rangoli designs. Roses, marigolds, and lotus blossoms are common floral motifs.


b. Geometric designs: Another common option for Diwali rangoli decorations is geometric patterns. These patterns can be straightforward or complex, and they frequently have deeper meanings. The Swastika, for instance, is a representation of luck and wealth.


c. Animal designs: Another common theme for Diwali rangoli patterns is animals. Deer, elephants, and peacocks are common animal motifs.


d. Religious designs: Diwali rangoli frequently feature religious patterns, particularly representations of the Hindu deities Lakshmi and Ganesha. Ganesha is the god of new beginnings and successful endeavours, and Lakshmi is the goddess of wealth and prosperity.


How to make a rangoli


You will need the following supplies to build a rangoli:

©Colored sand or powder

©A rangoli stencil (optional)

©A candle or diya (optional)

©Flowers and leaves (optional)



© Select a location to create your rangoli. The surface needs to be dry and clean.

© If you're using a rangoli stencil, lay it out on the ground and use coloured sand or powder to trace the pattern.

©If you are not using a stencil, freehand your design using colored sand or powder.

© When your pattern is complete, you can embellish it with leaves, flowers, and a diya or candle.


Here are some tips for making a beautiful rangoli:


©Use a variety of colors to create a visually appealing design.

© Take care not to overuse colours or other design aspects in your design.

©If you are using a stencil, make sure to tape it down securely so that it doesn't move while you are working.

©If you are freehanding your design, start with a simple design and gradually add more details as you become more proficient.

© Try experimenting with different hues and patterns without fear. When creating a rangoli, there is no right or wrong method.


Some popular Diwali rangoli designs


Here are some popular Diwali rangoli designs that you can try:


a. Lotus flower rangoli: A symbol of purity and fresh starts is the lotus flower. Start by drawing a sizable circle in the middle of your design to create a lotus flower rangoli. Next, outline the perimeter of the big circle with smaller circles. At last, give each of the smaller circles a petal.


b. Marigold flower rangoli: Marigolds are a representation of wealth and good fortune. To begin creating a marigold flower rangoli, draw a sizable circle in the middle of your piece. Next, make smaller circles encircling the big circle. Lastly, embellish each of the smaller circles with petals.


c. Peacock rangoli: The peacock represents elegance and beauty. Drawing a huge body in the centre of your design is the first step in creating a peacock rangoli. Next, sketch a lengthy neck and head at the extremity of the body. Lastly, provide the peacock's wings and tail feathers.


d. Elephant rangoli: The elephant is a representation of power and knowledge. To begin creating an elephant rangoli, create a sizable body in the middle of your piece. Next, depict the front of the body with tusks and a long trunk. Lastly, give the elephant a tail and ears.


e. Lakshmi rangoli: The Hindu goddess of wealth and prosperity is called Lakshmi. Draw a big circle in the middle of your design to begin creating a Lakshmi rangoli. Next, make a smaller circle and draw it in the middle of the larger circle. In order to design Lakshmi's face, add details to the smaller circle.




Diwali rangoli designs are a beautiful and festive way to decorate your home during Diwali. A little preparation and imagination can allow you to make a rangoli design that will wow your guests.

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Diwali Rangoli Designs