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Top network marketing company in world

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Top network marketing company in world


 The top network marketing company worldwide were:


a. Amway: One of the oldest and biggest direct selling businesses in the world, Amway was founded in 1959. They provide a vast selection of home care, cosmetic, and wellness products.


b. Avon: Avon is another reputable network marketing business that was founded in 1886 and specialises in cosmetics and personal care items.


c. Herbalife: Founded in 1980, Herbalife is a multinational nutrition and weight-management corporation. They provide a variety of wellness and nutritional items.


d. Vorwerk: A German business established in 1883, Vorwerk is well-known for the Thermomix cooking appliance and other home goods.


e. Natura &Co (including Natura, The Body Shop, Aesop): The Body Shop and Aesop are all part of Natura &Co, a Brazilian corporation founded in 1969. Natura purchased The Body Shop in 2017 and Aesop in 2013. The conglomerate's primary product categories are cosmetics, personal care, and beauty.




Please be aware that the network marketing sector can be dynamic and that rankings may change over time as a result of a variety of variables, including firm performance, market trends, and changes in customer preferences. It is advisable to carry out current investigation to discover the greatest network marketing organisations right now.

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Top network marketing company in world